Car Exterior Protection

Now not only new cars but old cars can also drive out sparkling!

Our OhSoGood Nano Technology car coating is a technological breakthrough in car care and protection. It is a liquid based car coating application that will put an end to all the worrying about maintaining the vehicle’s resale value and preventing nicks and scratches from turning up on the paintwork. This revolutionary surface protection kit makes the vehicle surface super ‎water repellant. It becomes an absolutely self-cleaning surface. All the contaminants can be easily wiped clean with either a damp or dry cloth.

European innovation that will replace all conventional coatings

OhSoGood Nano Ceramic Car Paint protection

OhSoGood Nano Ceramic Car Paint protection is a breakthrough technology coating for thermoplastic, thermoset, and painted metal services that gives it crystal gloss, scratch resistance and super durability. Just one, easily applied layer of coating gets crystallised immediately, unlike any other ceramic coating which gives the surface a soft layer at the bottom and a hard layer at the top within minutes. This ensures maximum anti-scratch resistance. The high elasticity of the coating keeps the surface feeling smoother than ever. It takes only minutes with little to no effort to achieve a superior, crystal gloss finish, shiny exterior.

OhSoGood Nano Ceramic Glass Shield

OhSoGood Nano Ceramic Glass Shield is a powerful, hydrophobic, transparent coating for vehicle windshields. This product comes in a 50ml bottle along with a cotton cloth and a 2 years guarantee!

Extremely easy to apply, just spray the product on the glass surfaces and wipe with the dry cotton cloth. Make it a super water repellent surface that’s unbelievably easy to clean. One can drive with great visibility and increased clarity even during the monsoon!


Strong Hydrophobic effect Self cleaning Highest Mirror gloss finish Maximum flexibility UV Resistance y Aging Resistance Corrosion & Oxidation resistancet Scratch & Abrasion resistance Chemical Resistance Weather Resistance Repels - Water/Dust/Mud/Ice/Snow Greatest thickness-real Ceramic coating Permanent life of superior quality coating