About Us

The aim behind the name!

"Since it's inception in 2008, OhSoGood has been an innovation driven enterprise and a pioneer in bringing European advanced technology products to India. OhSoGood liquid based permanent Nano coating technology completely permeates the surface ensuring maximum protection and durability like never before! Our breakthrough technology in car coatings, home surface coatings and industrial or construction coatings are much more superior than any other conventional coatings. While maintaining extremely high quality production, we have also aimed at making it economical. While procuring raw materials and during production, we have maintained least impact on the environment. OhSoGood aims at proving true to its name!"

Brand Proposition…

OhSoGood permanent Nano Ceramic protective coating is a technologically advanced dream-come-true surface care solution for people who value and treasure their landed and mobile property!


The OhSoGood business manifests on the joint responsibility of our partners and our in-house team.

….& Principles

We shoulder paramount responsibility, which is reflected in many aspects….

  • Our brand philosophy
  • The continuous innovation of operation, business models, management and work culture
  • The timely upgrade in technology
  • The win-win marketing plan developed and put into action


We are on a mission to make every day living 'OhSoGood' by employing our expertise and access to the most advanced NANO TECHNOLOGY. We believe INDIA deserves better than the best quality products that science and experience can deliver!!!

Women Entrepreneurs in Technology!

"I wanted to give our venture 'OhSoGood' a new start and at the same time wanted to run an enterprise that no other woman has ventured into. I am passionate about cars. And I am also a confessed cleanliness freak! NANO coatings help us keep car surfaces, home surfaces and even our building construction surfaces clean, waterproof and shining, almost forever without any regular maintenance. This is like a dream come true venture for me!"

Neha Bhandari
CEO- operations and business expansions

"I am quite an intrepid soul and am always rearing to reinvent my professional profile while doing something different from what the trends predict. So when the advanced Nano Technology products came to my attention, I knew that this was what we should introduce to our Indian car lovers. As an advertising professional and a social media strategist, every day is a thrill for me now! "

Vibhuti Bhandarkar
CMO- Branding & PR